Just get home from a long day. No time or energy to put together a great gourmet meal. Serenade Marinade Label
My recipe will show you how the quick and easy way.

Use Chez Frankie's Serenade Marinade to make it taste like you spent all day in the kitchen. Just coat it, toss it and cook it!

It's hard to believe that one spice blend can go with so many different foods yet everything still tastes unique and natural.


Seared Atlantic Salmon - Coat it & Cook it!

Don't be intimidated by salmon. Chez Frankie's Serenade Marinade makes it quick, easy and delicious. Whether it's wild pacific sockeye or farm raised atlantic salmon, the combination of spices is the perfect blend to add the gourmet touch without all the fuss.

Pan seared, oven broiled or bbq'd all you have to do is coat it and cook it.

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Quick & Easy Chicken

Spice up your everyday chicken with a gourmet spice that is quick and easy. Pan seared, bbq'd or oven roasted, Serenade Marinade brings out the best in chicken. Skin on or the healthy skinless, Serenade merinade adapts to any chicken dish and can be used immediately or marinated with love oil to intesify the falour combination.

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Seared & Oven Boiled Steak

Change up the same old steak routine the healthy and delicious way without the salt.
Serenade Marinade is a low sodium way to bring out the gourmet flavour in your steak.

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Shrimp - Coat it, Toss it & Cook it

Quick appetizer that will impress! Serenade Marinade brings out the very best in shrimp with very little effort on your part.
Enjoy more time with your guests - just Coat it, Toss it and Cook it!

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Horseradish Crusted Onion & Garlic Roast Beef

Get ready for rave reviews with this amazing beef recipe.
Prepare ahead then relax and enjoy juicy flavorful beef.

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Chicken Breasts - Quick & Easy

Prepare healthy chicken breasts that's juicy and full of flavour.
All you need is skinless chicken breasts and Serenade Marinade!

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Franks Planks Salmon

Try something new, it's easy with Serenade Marinade and Frank's Planks. BBQ Serenaded Marinade coated salmon on cedar planks for an added level of flavor.

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Serenade Marinade Meatballs

Serenade Marinade Meatballs

Spice up you spaghetti with Serenade Marinade.

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